My Grandfather,

Fred "Bud" Coleman

1919 - 2002

Remembering Our Heroes

I once was told that the greatest honor you can give someone is to always remember them.  Here at Natalie's Woodworking we strive to keep the memories of our heroes alive. With every flag we will be sending a picture and a brief history of one remembered hero that will not be forgotten. Below you can read many of those stories of our heroes from all over the world.

They will NEVER be forgotten!

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MaryJane Coleman




My grandmother was the most amazing woman. She never served in the military but she served her family every day of her life. And even though she has passed on she continues to inspire us to stand tall and strive to be better every day.


My Grandmother was born on March 12, 1920 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She lived during the great depression and would tell us stories about that time. One of those stories was about how her parents couldn't afford new shoes for any of them. They were all worn, torn and had holes in the soles. Every morning her mother would cut cardboard to stick in their shoes so they could continue to wear them.


She grew up on a farm and played in the hayloft with her siblings. She married my grandfather, Fred Coleman, on June 1, 1940. Shortly after having their first child my Grandfather was sent off to war. Before going to war he worked at Utah Copper. At that time Utah Copper told those going to war that if their wives could handle the same job they did that they could take their place and be paid the same wage. So my grandmother rolled up her sleeves and went to work shoveling ore. She moved back in with her parents and saved every dollar she made. When my Grandfather come back they were able to buy a 15 unit apartment building in downtown Salt Lake with the money they saved during that time. They lived in one of the apartments as they managed the rest of the units.


My sweet Grandma will be remembered for her ability to single-handedly cook a meal that could feed an army. She genuinely loved her family and friends. Her happiest memories were when she was surrounded by her loved ones. She taught me many things. Especially through her actions and deeds. She had the ability to befriend and nurture those who would otherwise be alone. She saw the good in everyone.


She is and will always be my biggest hero. I love and miss you Grandma! Until we meet again.

Submitted By:

Natalie Lloyd

Pete Elmer Neve




Petty Officer Fire Control - 3rd Class

U.S.S. Arizona

My Grandfather was born in Thronton, Iowa on November 8, 1914. He served in the U.S. Navy and was stationed on the U.S.S. Arizona until just before Pearl Harbor. He loved serving his country in the Navy. He also served in the Utah National Guard.


He met my Grandmother, LaRue Hanson, on one of his leaves from the Navy. He wrote my Grandmother for 2 years while he was on the ship. On June 11, 1938 they were married in San Gabriel, CA.


My Grandfather loved hunting and fishing. He worked for Kennecott Copper for 28 years as a welder with a steady hand. He worked on the railroad in California. He also attended diesel mechanics school and was machinist during World War II. He built the home I grew up in in Salt Lake City with his own two hands.


I will always miss his humor and peaceful way. He strived every day to serve his God, his country and the people he loved. He left a wonderful legacy to his family of devotion and love. He will always be missed but never forgotten.

Submitted By:

Natalie Lloyd

Lloyd's Creation

Cedar City, Utah


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