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Q:  What is the expected wait time I should expect after placing an order for a flag?

A:  Each flag is made to order (unless otherwise notated in the flag description) and will be handcrafted with the highest level of quality as our top priority.  Our goal is to have a 2-4 week or less turnaround time for each order, but in case order volumes are high please allow for a 5-7 week lead time after placing your order.

Q:  I have a very specific location on the flag that I want my word engraving.  How do I ensure the script engraving will be where I want it to be?

A: If you have a very specific request in mind then please describe your request in detail in the "Additional Instructions or Comments" box.  If there is any confusion then we will email you for clarification before beginning the engraving.  

Q:  I have a specific flag idea in mind but it is not located on your website or be created with the option boxes alone.  What is the best way of inquiring about a specific flag idea or request?

A:  The best method for reaching us is by emailing us at and attaching any pictures along with the description of your idea.  We will review the request and send you a response usually within one business day.

Q:  I have a detailed insignia that I would like in the union but I'm afraid it might be too complex or cloudy.  Should I send the image for your review prior to placing an order?

A:  Absolutely! We love a good challenge but we also want to ensure we can deliver quality work on the piece you are requesting.  Send us an email with the image attached and we will typically respond within one business day and give you our recommendation.

Q:  What are the limitations as to what I can have engraved or personalized in the union of my flag?

A:  We have found that insignia's, script, and symbols produce the best results when choosing how to customize your own flag.  The more defined the lines are in the image, the more defined your engraving will be.  The simplest images often produce the most extravagant flags.

Q:  Are you able to engrave portraits or pictures into the flag?

A:  We do not use a laser engraver on our flags which is typically used for wood portraits.  We use a router to engrave so images with strongly defined lines is ideal for producing the best results on your flag.  

Q:  What are the cut dimensions for each flag size?


Ex. Small (18.5 x 9.75”)

Union:                  7.5” x 5.25”

7 Stripes:             .75” x 11”

6 Stripes:              .75” x 18.5”


Small (24” x 16”)

Union:                  9.5” x 7”

7 Stripes:             1” x 14.5”

6 Stripes:              1” x 24”


Medium (32” x 20”)

Union:                  12.5” x 10.5”

7 Stripes:             1.5” x 19.5”

6 Stripes:              1” x 32”


Large (48” x 24”)

Union:                  19.5” x 14”

7 Stripes:             2” x 28.5”

6 Stripes:              2” x 48”


Ex. Large (60” x 32.5”)

Union:                  24.75” x 17.5”

7 Stripes:             2.5” x 35.25”

6 Stripes:              2.5” x 60”


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